How to Change Your Tax Code with the IRD

The Internal Revenue Department (IRD) provides a form to help you calculate the correct tax. If you receive New Zealand Superannuation, you can change your tax code through the Ministry of Social Development website. To do this, go to “More” in your income tax account and find the custom tax code request under the “Manage Account” heading. This is done to ensure that you don't pay more taxes than you should during the fiscal year or to help you avoid receiving a bill at the end of the fiscal year.

You may also need to adjust the amount of taxes that are deducted from income earned from investments or interest on savings. Tax codes help your employer or payer determine the amount of tax you should deduct from your salary, benefit, or pension. The IRS publishes a regular series of other forms of official tax guidance, including income rulings, revenue procedures, notices and announcements. The IRD does not keep records of tax codes, so it is recommended that you keep a personal copy of the tax code proof issued for future reference or when changing jobs. When a taxpayer has income from two or more sources, it is advisable that they seek guidance from the respective employers, informing them of the amount of PAYE that will be deducted. You can also fill out a custom tax code form or custom tax rate request form (IR23BS) and send it to the IRD.

Using the tax code issued by the IRD office, your employer will deduct the most accurate amount of tax from your salary based on the deductions and deductions you may request on your annual tax return. If you start or stop working, remember that you may need to change the tax code you use for any other source of income, such as New Zealand retirement, investments or other work. If you think you'll receive a refund or a significant debt at the end of the tax year, you can request a custom tax code to help you pay the right amount of tax throughout the year. If your income has changed and you already receive Working for Families tax credits, make sure to update your details. Your tax code can be changed any time the terms of your deductions and deductions change, such as having a child or entering into a mortgage loan agreement. The authorized instrument for the distribution of all forms of official IRS tax guidance is the Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB), a weekly collection of these and other articles of general interest to the tax professional community.

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